What is the women united project?

We’re an online platform and community for women, by women, with women who are focused on mental wellbeing.

how do i host a hang with purpose?

See here. We’ve got you covered.

If i don’t want to host, how else can i contribute to WUP?

  • Become Wellness Warrior. Ask us how.

  • Find a #HangWithPurpose near you. Coming soon.

  • Write for us.

  • Send us a picture of a woman you’d like to honour here.


what is the hang with purpose?

Make time—rally your girlfriends—host a potluck. Something magical happens when women sit at a table together, share food and talk. By gathering together, we create the opportunity to cultivate, collaborate, encourage and build new life experiences. You and your circle will discover new perspectives through up-levelled discussions by using our thought-provoking conversation guides. You all will leave satisfied, inspired, energized and motivated to live life on your terms.

Do we have to host it in a certain space?

No, your gathering can happen anywhere. Women can have a seat at the table, or have a seat on the floor around your coffee table, or have a seat outdoors at the picnic table, or under your favourite tree. #HangWithPurpose is not about where or how, it’s about changing the conversation. All you need is a group of like-minded women that dare to make a difference.

Is this open to all women?

Yes! If you identify as a woman, you are a woman.