The Core


teamwork makes the dream work.

The Women United Project was founded by strong, independent women who are serious about mindful living and wellness. Their vision of a better world is based on the belief that we all need to be truly loved, understood, and included. They’re empowering women and girls to get mentally fit and to challenge ourselves to embrace our own superpowers—whatever it is. To live boldly, unapologetically and united on all fronts.




Johanne Walker

For Johanne, connecting with community leaders and courageous women is her passion. She believes change starts with you and me, and together—we are a force to be reckoned with. As the Co-founder of the Women United Project, her vision is to create a movement and a safe place for women to come and be their truest selves. Johanne believes in a world where all women can earnestly learn to love and embrace all parts of themselves unconditionally and live their lives fearlessly out loud.


Annie Ngu

Jumping in with unparalleled enthusiasm, talent and grit is our Co-founder, Annie. She’s a “yes woman”—if you can dream it, Annie will find a way to breathe life onto it. Infusing her love of storytelling and design into everything she does, Annie’s determination to bring this initiative to fruition is boundless. She trusts that through this platform, the Women United Project can cultivate a powerful launching pad for our voices to be heard and our opinions seen. Annie is relentlessly making waves, pushing boundaries, and working to shatter any glass ceilings that restrict us as women.


Kassandra Arsenault

Kassandra is our Social Media Engagement Specialist! She’s committed to breaking down the boundaries between adults, youth, and children by focusing on working together and inclusion between generational gaps. Kassandra is determined to make the Women United Project a platform where women of all ages will have a safe place where they can empower each other to live bold and confidently within their authentic truths. Putting her social media background into work, her goal is to empower women to find their inner truth in hopes that they inspire those around them to find their own authentic path, regardless of age, stage, or journey.