Meet Wellness Warrior: Jennifer Hill


Journey to Wellness

Jennifer has always been passionate about leading a wellness-driven lifestyle—and it’s imbued in the choices she makes for herself and her family. From her plant-based way of eating, inhabiting positive beliefs, exercising daily, and getting grounded in nature, Jennifer is the epitome of being committed to yourself.



Jennifer started the Journey to Wellness movement to help other moms and ladies overcome struggles to help them be accountable to their own health through self-care, moving more and taking care of themselves. From experiencing life in an unhealthy perspective, Jennifer discovered a new way of truly living fully with movement, mindset and nutritional changes that impacted every aspect of her life.


Getting to Know Jennifer

She’s a super-mom with incredibly infectious energy and commitment as an instructor, founder, and CEO of her Journey to Wellness movement.


What is your go-to nourishing meal?

I love a fresh chicken casear salad like no bodies business

What is your favourite, most INDULGENT meal?

My Nan’s Favourite scalloped potatoes, and everytime she cooks it “oh boy do I indulge”

When you work out, what do you wear?

Leggings using capri length and a great sports bra with a tank or inspirational tees.

What is the work out you never thought you would love?

Strangely enough, push ups, I love that I now have the upper body strength to do them, because when I started I did a modification of the modifications.

What is one act of self-care that you practice that surprises you?

Morning gratitude and mediation. I always practice gratitude but never could shut my mind off enough to meditate and slow down or journal my gratitude. I love it, and combining the two have been my jam lately. For the month of May, I tried to do it first thing in the morning, movement, mediation and gratitude journaling.

What do you feel sexiest/beautiful/badass wearing?

A pair of leather pants and a my husband on my arm. Or a great pair of workout leggings and a heavy AF weight.

What are you reading right now?

Girl, Stop Apologizing’ by Rachel Hollis! (Love her!)

What advice do you have on weighing yourself?

To be honest I don’t love the scale and never have. I think it is a tool that can be useful at times but not to be a slave to. I think there are much better measurement and ways to focus on a healthy and balanced lifestyle instead of obsessing over the scale. So if it’s the only tool you use, I would say ditch it, but if it is one of many many you use, be sure to also incorporate NON Scale Victories (ie. Like your energy level, how your clothes feel, how your mood is or use a measuring tape to measure inches). There are so many things to focus on rather than being a slave to the scale.

Share your tips and tricks in the kitchen?

Best Tip: find a partner who loves to cook! My husband is the best ingredient in the kitchen. Also, I find the key to whipping something together easily is having things cut up and ready to go. We like to multipurpose different items to use them in a different way—sometimes the chicken or pulled pork is used for wraps, salads or in tacos. Being prepped is key. Setting yourself up for success is the most important—fail to plan—then plan to fail.

We love to know how you think about style… Any style tips?

Style and I aren’t really friends 😉. I am a yoga pants and sweat girl with a headband and sneakers—functional and comfy.


Jennifer’s Why


I created my business to serve others on their life journeys specifically to find something when the going got tough.

To realize there was another outlet, a positive one, people tend to turn to negative toxic behaviours and habits and I wanted more for my daughter, my family and myself. When you hear my journey, you understand that I have experienced life from an unhealthy perspective, and that I discovered a new way of truly living fully with movement, mindset and nutrition changes that impacted every aspect of my life. I feel that the greatest impact I can have in this world is to share my passion, my vision, and the knowledge that I have gained through my personal experiences to empower others to take personal action towards change.  No matter the age or ability of the people I serve I try to encourage a step toward optimal health and wellness as a catalyst for change, we are dedicated to helping you live your best life.


In all aspects, I want people to live a life that makes them happy and brings them joy. A life that makes you jump out of bed in the morning because you have the tools, the excitement and the power to make your day fantastic no matter what challenges come your way! My mission is to help people know that we are all amazing and enough, just being ourselves. Perfectly imperfect. My goals is to help make steps toward ending obesity, self-doubt and negative self-talk. I have worked with thousands of people who have started their journey to wellness and now have fostered daily habits that serve them in meeting not just their health goals, but so much more and my passion is to share it with the world and influence other moms, women collectively to come together and realize we were made for more!

I try my best to model a lifestyle of health, focusing on vitality and wellness through different social media platforms. I show up as a mom and wife and I and authentically am myself, sharing struggles, hardship as well celebrating victories along the way! My hope is that other people can connect with me and  get inspired to realize that it is possible to make yourself a priority. That your children, your life and YOU need you to be your best self. We are all meant to know what it’s like to discover our BEST versions of ourselves and it all starts with taking one single step.


Jennifer’s Wellness Journey


I am a small town girl from Northern Newfoundland, Canada. I grew up with the most humble, loving family in the world and was surrounded by so much love. My grandparents and single mom did what they could to provide the most they could but things growing up were not always easy, if you get where I am coming from.


Growing up in a small town, I was bullied to the point I left my hometown and moved not once or twice but multiple times. A few good supportive friends always brought me home, back to the rock, Newfoundland. It was them who convinced me to come back home to graduate; brought me to meet my high school sweetheart, Stephen, whom I eventually went on to marry 11 years later. Now, we’ve been walking through this life together for 20 years!

Being an adventurer and athlete all my life are passions of mine! Stephen and I left Newfoundland in 2003 in search of adventure and exploration. We knew we wanted to travel, have fun, but we had debt up to our ying-yang and decided to give teaching in Asia a try after we finished our Bachelors at MUN. Off we went for what was supposed to be a 12-month contract, turned into 4 years abroad, close to 30+ countries backpacked, friendships to last a lifetime and the best experiences ever! We were young, wild and free and decided it was time to come home and settle down, get married, have a family and do what real adults do!

Well, the marriage thing came after 11 years of dating. The family unit began when we got our precious pooch Bailey in 2012 and it was after almost 5 years of trying to have a baby did we finally got pregnant after a whole lot of struggle and challenges say the least—but our daughter Journey was born and our lives changed forever! 5 years of infertility, many heartbreaks and disappointment, I would have never imagined something so precious, and just at the perfect time would come to us, but she did and she was perfect.

Serving others and helping them move and get involved in community events and various movement programs have been my life. From a young age, I taught summer sports camps and turned my love for movement and events into my career after I finished my degree. I always appreciated the benefits of recreation and have seen firsthand in all ages, working with young kids to the elderly. My latest healthcare job had me linking seniors and caregivers to program to best keep them independent.


After our daughter entered our lives, after years of trying, she was quite ill with a kidney issue and it was at that point, I realized that my priorities for everything changed. When my maternity leave finished, I decided that since our journey to get our family took so long and we had so many struggles, I was not ready to go back to the corporate grind and work to have some else raise our baby. We have no family close and were both led super busy, fulfilling careers but it did not make sense for me to return to the corporate world and I wanted to be close to my biggest gift for as long as I could, my Journey.

That's when our life shifted big time—after gaining almost 70 lbs during my pregnancy with my daughter—I was determined to lose it quickly and get back in shape ASAP. However, shortly after giving birth I had the biggest lost of my life: losing my grandfather. I turned to food for comfort, gained weight and lost myself in grief. In 2016, I decided I had to dedicate some time to get myself healthier and happier and if anyone wanted to join me on the way, I would support them as well!

I was always one to look for a new challenge I since decided to work as a wellness coach from home and help others meet their fitness and wellness goals I have be so satisfied beyond belief and to another level:) Working from home, on my time, around my daughters and families schedule has been such an amazing blessing. I’ve began online bootcamps and run mommy and mini empowerment movement groups and have found a passion that has lit my soul on fire.

After travelling extensively overseas and having a zest for life and meeting new people, I've always been drawn to their stories. I love finding out who people are, where they come from and what makes them the person they are today! I love helping people and after working with seniors and children for over 20 years I am ready to help people on their fitness journey!


Top Tips to Stay Active

  1. Find a tribe of people who love to move and do it together, find some sweaty soul sisters and turn your coffee dates into workout dates, or nature walks or something where you get the blood flowing. Bring the babies and the kids, teach the next generation the importance to move their bodies and feel good and PLAY and have fun!

  2. My go-to workouts are things that I can do at home quickly in between the life of building a business, being a mom and serving others in my online and in person fit community. So, I love my workouts that I stream and have been doing that have helped me loose 70 lbs from my small basement. Happy to share a 7 day free trial with anyone who wants to give them a try.

  3. Obsessed with a weekly bootcamp meet-up that happens with my ladies where we crank the tunes, punch the bags, flip tires, get sweaty and start the week moving together and in the right mindset.


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