Meet Wellness Warrior: Pauline Caballero


To empower communities

Pauline is a fearless leader who recognizes that there’s still so much to life to live and so much more work to do in the world. With Power Yoga Canada, Pauline is committed to empowering all communities.



Working as a CRO at Buckland and running a franchise is no easy feat but Pauline makes it look so easy. However, that wasn’t always the case. As her family history suffered from mental illness and schizophrenia, Pauline strived to defy the odds. For her, the journey to wellbeing began when she started focusing on her mental health—seriously. Pauline is committed to taking any and every preventative measures for herself and her family. And she’s here to share her truth.


Lightning round with Pauline

CRO, Entrepreneur, Mother of 2, and Health and Wellness Advocate.


What is your go-to nourishing meal?

Cucumbers & tomatoes from my neighbours garden with Himalayan salt and grilled salmon.

What is your favourite, most INDULGENT meal?

Caldo verde (Portuguese soup) and pastel de natas (Portuguese custards)

When you work out, what do you wear?

When I work out I wear my lululemon tights, and these days an Alo Ribbed tank. Easy, comfortable for any workout.

What is the work out you never thought you would love?

Yoga—is the workout I never thought I would love.

What is one act of self-care that you practice that surprises you?

Meditation and gratitude practices.

What do you feel sexiest/beautiful/badass wearing?

Feel my best wearing anything—for me it’s all about my mood and not my clothes.

What are you reading right now?

I’m reading Traction by Gino Wickman.

What advice do you have on weighing yourself?

What weighs on me, is what is the best decisions for my children.

Share your tips and tricks in the kitchen?

My tricks for the kitchen is to stay out of it!

What does it look like for you when you’re feeling your best?

Style, I like to keep it simple and have everything that I pack when I travel to be interchangeable


Getting to know Pauline


Hey! My name is Pauline Caballero, and yes that means “gentleman” in Spanish, and no I am not Spanish. I married an Argentinian, now Canadian. I must warn you that I fully understand when you are speaking about me in Spanish and I will use it against you, kidding, well, not really!

I am a wife, mom of two boys, six and fourteen. I started a yoga business, Power Yoga Canada, with an amazing lady, Kinndli McCollum. Our business has grown as yoga has grown. From nine to five you can find me working in the Supply Chain Industry at Buckland Global Trade, the home to hundreds of amazing people.

I consider myself a boutique fitness connoisseur and an online shopping ninja. I don’t believe in trading time for money and I would rather stare at my children than at your Instagram feed. I love to volunteer and build people and teams and just recently I finally figured out how to simply be alone with myself. 

My husband and I should have never made it this far, but we did, and I could not be more grateful.


Favourite Workouts

  • Power Yoga Canada

  • Peleton Bike

  • Orangetheory

  • Barry’s

  • Reformer Pilates

 Open to anything that has me sweating—I’d rather work out with you than sit and talk over coffee!


Pauline’s Wellness Journey


My mission is quite simple, it is aligned with Power Yoga Canada’s, empowering communities into action and in my case, people. I say that I fell into it but I have been doing it long before I could put words to my actions. As the captain of my synchronized skating team to leading various organizations, developing and creating teams, communities and family is something that comes quite naturally.  So the evolution of PYC was a natural fit.

IMG_1884 3.JPG

The journey began as a simple solution to loose the baby weight after my first son. Hot Power Yoga was were it all began for me and over the years it has evolved to a life style that consists of early morning work outs and carving out the time for me well before anyone rises. I am committed to “ALL DAYS ON” and to viewing fitness and health as a part of my everyday routine, no different than brushing your teeth everyday.

Still, I am sure people wonder why I am so obsessed with fitness and wellbeing. Well, you see it is quite simple. Mental wellbeing is what has me diligent with health routine. Mental illness and schizophrenia runs in my family and it has been a challenging and life altering journey. I will do whatever it takes to ensure that I am taking every preventative measure not only for me but also for my family. 

At the Cab Household we are living our life filled with gratitude and have courage while being kind. My family has become my focus and my priority, which was not always the case. This does not come without its challenges and does not come without its failures. What I am seeing is when my commitment out weighs my fears and when my words and actions mirror, the most magical things happen. I will spend the remainder of my time ensuring my husband and kids experience how grateful I am for them. 

These days you can find me chilling at home with my neighbourhood tribe and ordering raw food like a boss. They asked me for my 3 favourite recipes and I have to say it is order Raw Aura from Uber Eats. The other day I left the BBQ on over night with corn on the cob in it… my husband has officially requested me to stay away from anything that involves cooking, and let’s just say he doesn’t have to ask me twice. 

I eat a clean simple diet, eliminate all grains and attempting to remove all dairy to help with my asthma. I love coffee and Portuguese Cuisine, and truthfully I will eat anything made with love that I did not have to cook!

I will leave you with this last thought: Take care of your words and actions, the worlds children are watching ❤️


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