August Forecast: Excellence

The month of August is all about ‘Excellence’

Michalina Piatkowski breaks down the astrological forecast for us to let us know what’s in store for the month ahead.

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This month, we do not take for granted nor let ourselves be taken for granted.


August begins in still well in the sparkling, confident Leo New Moon energy of July 31, giving a strong indication of what the rest of the month has to offer. 

Namely, at the intersection of the Leo and Virgo Seasons, this month is heavy on personal empowerment. Humility is a trait not wanted or appreciated, as Leo and Virgo has us believing in ourselves and stepping up. 

Furthermore, the ever-so grounding energies of placements in Taurus, Capricorn and of course Virgo, keep our feet firmly on the ground and our attention on-task.

This August, we are more than fit to rise to accountability, as we are serious about our standards, whether recognized by others or not. 

This is for ourselves, to live what we know we are capable of.


Our monthly Astrological forecasts are devised by Attuned Practice’s Michalina Piatkowski, who intuitively interprets cosmic data in order to help set the tone for us every month.