How to cultivate kinder self-talk

Written by Annie Ngu

For so long, I feel as though we’ve been conditioned to believe that helping others is more important than helping ourselves. However, being on the journey that I am on now,  all evidence points to the importance of prioritizing ourselves first.

We all know that saying “happy wife, happy life”, right? It’s mainly used to describe a situation where a partner is letting things happen to retain harmony in their relationship. So, I revamped it because we’re part of a reality where being a “wife” isn’t everything anymore. I believe that where we’re most concerned is our own personal wellbeing—and that’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay.

“Happy place, happy headspace.”

By realizing where you are most happy—situationally and emotionally—you will be more energized to seizing any opportunities and to help lift others up.

Annie Ngu