July Forecast: Give & Take

The month of july is all about ‘Give & Take’

Michalina Piatkowski breaks down the astrological forecast for us to let us know what’s in store for the month ahead.

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This month, we do not take for granted nor let ourselves be taken for granted.


This July is very, very representative of its two zodiac Signs, Cancer and Leo, with dominant energies equally distributed between the two. Certainly included in this balance of power are the rare two New Moons that July offers, one at the beginning, belonging to Cancer and another at the very end of the month, in Leo.  

Although reconciling these two very different Signs’ characters appears challenging at first glance, in fact what Cancer and Leo share is the ability to give, naturally and without question. Both offer loyalty, nurturement and protection. Importantly, however, neither expect to do so thanklessly. Each in his own way, but their due is expected. Cancer and Leo know a thing or two about keeping their cups filled, you see.

Without acknowledgement or reciprocity, these two Signs do not do well, and neither do we. So, this month let us concentrate on the shared lesson of these two Signs; of instating and maintaining our personal systems for balance. Of ensuring that we do not take for granted nor allow ourselves to be taken for granted.  

Luckily, aiding us in striking a fair and healthy balance between giving and taking is the Full Moon in Capricorn half ways through July.  This Capricorn Moon brings us gifts of structure and consistency, to ensure we carry the fruits of this lesson onward.


Our monthly Astrological forecasts are devised by Attuned Practice’s Michalina Piatkowski, who intuitively interprets cosmic data in order to help set the tone for us every month.